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The USA is wonderful place to reside with an abundance of opportunities for new immigrants.  Over 150,000 new immigrants immigrate to the USA each year and this year it could be you and your family.

There are two types of visa categories in the United States:

  1.  Temporary US Visas
  2.  Permanent US Visas

The United States immigration system can be a complex issue and sometimes hard to understand. This is why seeking an experienced US immigration lawyer’s help is essential to getting an approval on your Visa Applications.

Temporary USA Visas:

  •     B-1 Temporary visitor for Business
  •     B-2 Temporary visitor for Pleasure (Tourist Visa)
  •     E-1 Treaty Trader, spouse and children
  •     E-2 Treaty Investor, spouse and children
  •     F-1 Student Visa
  •     H-1B Work Visa for Specialty Occupations (including fashion models)
  •     J-1 Visas for exchange visitors
  •     K-1 Fiancée and Fiancé Immigration Visa
  •     O-1 Extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics
  •     P-1 Individual or team athletes
  •     R-1 Religious workers
  •     TN Trade visas for Citizens of Canada and Mexico

Note: Citizens for certain countries do not need an immigration visa at all. This program is called Visa Waiver. It enables foreign nationals, mostly from developed countries, to visit the United States for up to 90-day visa-free.

Permanent USA Visas:

  •     Immediate Relatives Immigration Visa
  •     Special Immigrants
  •     Family-sponsored Immigration Visa
  •     Employer-sponsored Immigration Visa
  •     Marriage to a Foreign National
  •     Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, commonly know as the Green Card Lottery
  •     Employment Immigrant Visas

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